Join the Exciting Opportunity to Shape ECAO's Future!

In order to serve you better and improve our advocacy and responsiveness to emerging issues, ECAO is thrilled to announce the creation of four (4) dynamic committees. Your active participation is vital to ensure effective representation in key areas that matter most to you.


Why Join?

  • - Contribute to the evolution of ECAO's impact
  • - Shape the future of the electrical contracting industry
  • - Network with industry professionals
  • - Make your voice heard on critical issues


How to Get Involved:

Please review these proposed committees and, if interested, send your expression of interest to Graeme at rgaitken@ecao.org.


Committees Overview:


COR Stakeholder Advisory Committee
- Formed in response to concerns about the COR program in Ontario.

  • - ECAO instrumental in creating a COR Advisory Group meeting quarterly with IHSA and stakeholders.
  • - Establishing an internal ECAO COR Stakeholder Advisory Committee.
  • - Seeking members’ representatives who are (i) active health and safety professionals, (ii) COR program administrators, (iii) or those becoming COR certified.
  • - Anticipated to be a relatively small committee, initially meeting quarterly.
  • - Aim for a diverse mix of contractor sizes and sectors.
  • - Responsibilities include reviewing IHSA COR Stakeholder group meetings, advising ECAO’s input at IHSA COR Stakeholders Group meetings, and ongoing review of the Province’s COR program with suggestions for improvement.


International & Extra-Provincial Committee:

  • - Identified opportunities for contractors outside Ontario and joint ventures with extra-provincial contractors.
  • - ECAO's membership with NECA highlights significant possibilities.
  • - Seeking input from members on (i) niche markets, (ii) sectors/types of work of interest, (iii) requirements to work outside Ontario, and (iv) updates on opportunities.
  • - Anticipated quarterly meetings for representatives interested in pursuing these opportunities.


Education Committee:

  • - With the recent release of the ECAO Learning Centre, a need arises to expand educational programs for members and their employees.
  • - Formation of the Education Committee to provide guidance, suggestions, and assess ECAO’s educational offerings.
  • - Particularly interested in expressions of interest from members’ representatives involved in education.
  • - Expected to meet quarterly.


Member Services Committee:

  • - ECAO aims to revitalize a committee for contractor members to provide feedback on the value-added benefits of membership.
  • - Membership Services committee seeks insights and feedback on ECAO’s services.
  • - Discussions on future opportunities to define and refine a robust program.
  • - Anticipated quarterly meetings.


Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of change! Join us as we shape the future of ECAO together. Your involvement is the key to our collective success!