Ontario Emergency Order on Construction

Please click on the link below for the new regulations applicable to construction projects that are permitted to remain open after the Premier’s January 12  Emergency Order made under The Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COV/D19} Act, 2020.


Click Here for the Regulations


Specifically for construction, Section 43 of Schedule 2 is revoked and of particular note the following areas remain open for construction: 

  • - Maintenance remains intact.
  • - All electrical generation, transmission, distribution, storage, natural gas distribution, transmission and storage or supply of natural resources remain open.
  • - Municipal infrastructure seems to be excluded.
  • - Affordable housing projects that are funded by the various sources below the listing that are open; not affordable housing plus those funders.
  • - The time restriction for project completion was removed from projects providing additional capacity to the production, processing, manufacturing or distribution of food, beverages or agricultural products.


Our strong recommendation to members is to keep the attached construction regulations ( Section 43) with you for all your job sites remaining open. We recommend that you also have the articles that apply to your job highlighted in the event of a Ministry of Labour inspection.


We also bring to your attention Section 3.1 wherein all individuals in the premises of a business or organization that is open shall ensure that they wear a mask or face covering in a manner that covers their mouth, nose and chin during any period in which they are in an indoor area of the premises. ECAO has developed several resources for our members to use during the pandemic to ensure health and safety of workers and the general community. Please refer to our website for more information here:  https://www.ecao.org/covid19