CERTI-FIRE Fire Alarm Electricians

The ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Certification Program ("CERTI-FIRE") meets the requirements of the Ontario Fire Code O. Reg. 213/07. This program is deemed acceptable to the Ontario Fire Marshal and satisfies the requirement of Clause C.  A wallet-sized photo ID and a certificate of completion are issued to every electrician upon successful completion of Level IV. As a requirement of the Ontario Fire Marshal's Office, every electrician certified under the ECAO Fire Alarm & Protection Certification Program must renew their certification every five years.



Please contact your Local Union or College to register for an in-class course.

For the next available Distant Learning course date please contact:


Vaishnavi Bala

Certi-Fire Program Administrator

Email: contactus@certifire.org

Tel: (416)-675-3226 ext. 8509


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Registered Fire Alarm Contractor (RFAC) Program 


Registered Fire Alarm Contractor (RFAC) Program 

To help you choose a qualified Fire Alarm Contractor, ECAO has registered all its member contractors who meet the requirements of the Registered Fire Alarm Contractor (RFAC) Program. There is NO fee for becoming an RFAC.


To qualify, members must:

Demonstrate significant fire alarm experience in the past 2 years

Employ certified fire alarm electricians

Comply with all applicable fire alarm codes and standards

Maintain a minimum $2.0M liability insurance


Registered Fire Alarm Contractor listings are available for the following Regions in the province:

Southwestern Ontario

Central Ontario

Greater Toronto Area

Eastern Ontario

Northern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario


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Building Owners & Property Managers Awareness Training 


Are you a Building Owner or Property Manager who is unclear about your role and responsibility pertaining to maintain your Fire Alarm System under current regulations? 


The Awareness Training is designed to guide you through your legal obligations and requirements in maintaining a compliant Fire Alarm System. This training course will provide you with the knowledge of the procedures you, as a Building Owner or Property Manager, should take if your Fire Alarm System encounters a problem. 


Participants will learn to navigate through the critical components, procedures and safety planning required through all systems conditions. As a result, invaluable information will be gained, giving participants the confidence they need to manage their Fire Alarm System in all stages of its lifecycle. 


For more information about this awareness training please contact ECAO at contactus@certifire.org