ECAO 2020 Virtual Social Night & AGM

This year ECAO is replacing its themed social night prior to the AGM with a virtual social event on September 16 starting at 4:30 pm.

The program will provide streaming of 2 live artist performances and an interactive Trivia Battle. Similar to our “Best Dressed” awards from past years, this year we will feature “Best Face Mask Award”.

In order to make this evening complete, we will be recognizing our sponsors throughout the event and on our ECAO website. Below are the sponsorship opportunities, and if you are interested, please contact Cathy Frederickson at cfrederickson@ecao.org

Business Session Speaker( Melanie Sodka) - $5,000

Live Artist Performance- $2,000

Trivia Quiz Winners (3) - $1,000

The Ultimate Trivia Battle - $1,000

Best Face Mask Awards (2) - $500

To register for the ECAO Social Event, please go to https://ecao-agm2020.eventcreate.com/