Executive Committee 

Chris Cimek Chair
Tim Birnie 1st Vice Chair
Anthony Tofano 2nd Vice Chair
Roch Picknell ETBA Chair
Ken Crawford Past Chair
Doug Dinniwell Treasurer
Graeme Aitken Executive Director

Board of Directors

The Board comprises of 21 Directors, representing the 11 Areas, Line sector, Communications sector and the ETBA. Directors (other than Directors at Large) are nominated annually by each area ECA and may change throughout the year. The Directors at Large are nominated annually by the board (Nominating Committee) and approved by the members at the Annual General Meeting.


Name Area Company
Chris Cimek (Chair) Director-at-Large  E. S. Fox Ltd.
Ken Crawford (Past Chair) Director-at-Large  C&M Electric Ltd.
Tim Birnie (1st VC) Director-at-Large  Birnie Electric Limited
Anthony Tofano (2nd VC) Director-at-Large TJI Multi-Trade Contractors Ltd.
Doug Dinniwell (Treasurer) Director-at-Large  Western Mechanical Electrical Millwright Services Ltd.
Roch Picknell (ETBA chair) Director-at-Large  Wired Synergy Inc.
Mark Lloyd Hamilton-Niagara T. Lloyd Electric Ontario Ltd.
Danielle Gray Quinte/St.Lawrence

Industrial Electrical Contractors Brockville Limited

Gary Rossol London Al Gordon Electric Ltd.
Mike Leone Hamilton-Niagara 

Procon Constructors Inc.

Mike Rose Greater Toronto Rogol Electric Co. Ltd.
Dave Scott Greater Toronto Plan Group
Rick Ball Thunder Bay White Pine Electric Ltd.
Carlo Maola Sarnia

DMW Electrical Instrumentation Inc.

Bob Brennan


Bradley-Kelly Construction Ltd.

Johncarlo Salvatore Windsor Mid South Electrical Contractors
Jason Jackson Central Ontario Tri-Electric Solutions Ltd.
Martin Girardi Northern Ontario S & T Group
Dan Lancia Line Holaco Installations
Tom Beros Communications Committee

Net Electric

Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency (ETBA)

The ETBA is the labour relations committee of the ECA. The ETBA acts as the legal representative of the ECAO in all matters relevant to labour negotiations in the Province of Ontario with those Construction unions of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers that are charted to represent Electricians, Lineman, Network Cabling Specialists or Communication Cable Installers (the "IBEW Construction unions").


In matters relating to labour agreements, the ETBA shall be autonomous and its decisions final and binding on all members of the ECAO having contractual relations with the IBEW construction unions.


Pursuant to clause 153(1)(b) of the (Ontario) Labour Relations Act, 1995 (the "LRA") the ETBA has been designated as the Employer Bargaining Agency to represent in bargaining all employers whose employees are represented by the IBEW and the IBEW Construction Council of Ontario (CCO) and its affiliated locals that are charted to represent Electricians, Lineman, Network Cabling Specialists or Communication Cable Installers in the ICI sector of the Construction Industry in the Province of Ontario.




ETBA Backup

Hamilton Mark Lloyd Dan Lancia
Quinte/ St. Lawrence Don Norman Mike Paul
London Guy MacMillan Andy Tilson
Niagara Chris Cimek Larry Shaver
Toronto Dan Camilleri (VC) Dave Scott
Thunder Bay Rick Ball Chris Welbourne
Sarnia Anthony Tofano Carlo Maola
Ottawa Bob Brennan  
Windsor Johncarlo Salvatore Brad Vollmer
Central Ontario (Kitchener)   Jason Jackson
Northern (Sudbury) Kris Ferguson  
Line Allan Kellett Ken Nepaul
Communications Tom Beros Steve Watson

ETBA Chair:

 Roch Picknell

Electrical Trade Joint Board (ETJB)

During the term of the Principal Agreement, the ETBA participates in ongoing policy matters and grievance resolution in partnership with the IBEW-CCO through the ETJB under the guidance of the Independent Chair, Bernie Fishbein.

  • IBEW Reps.

    ETBA Reps.

    Mark Cherney
    Lee Caprio
    Chris Cimek
    Jason Kish
    Roch Picknell
    Brian Jacobs
    Dan Camilleri 
    John Gibson (Alternate)
    Mark Lloyd (Alternate)
    Also: (Non Voting)
    Also: (Non Voting)
    James Barry
    Jodi Travers
    Travis Merrett (IO)
    Graeme Aitken
    Derek Harvey (IO)

Joint Electrical Promotion Plan (JEPP)

The mission of JEPP is market share development for the unionized electrical sector in Ontario through a broad range of marketing, promotion, government relation and advocacy, and training initiatives. JEPP is local area (Contractor & IBEW) driven. Membership on JEPP is equally ECAO and IBEW/ CCO as follows:



JEPP Members


JEPP Members

105 James Bonnell Niagara- Hamilton Mark Lloyd
115 Jason Kish Quinte/ St. Lawrence  Don Norman 
120 John Gibson  London Guy MacMillan 
303 Mark Cherney  Niagara- Hamilton Chris Cimek
353 Lee Caprio Toronto  Dan Camilleri
402  Craig Peterson Thunder Bay  Rick Ball 
530  Frank Harris Sarnia  Anthony Tofano
586  Braydon Potter Ottawa  Roch Picknell
773  Karl Lovett  Windsor  Johncarlo Salvatore
804 Derek Brooks Central Ontario  John Barr
1687 Kevin Gaudaur Northern (Sudbury)  Kris Ferguson 
Line   Line  Allan Kellett
Communications   Communications  Tom Beros
IBEW/ CCO James Barry ECAO  Graeme Aitken 
    ETBA Chair   


JEPP Directors

Graeme Aitken James Barry
Roch Picknell Mark Cherney
Dan Camilleri  Jason Kish
Mark Lloyd Lee Caprio
Chris Cimek Braydon Potter
Roch Picknell John Gibson
Tom Beros  Brian Jacobs


JEPP Audit Committee

Graeme Aitken James Barry
Roch Picknell Mark Cherney
Mark Lloyd Lee Caprio
John Gibson  Patty Demonte
Lou Stranges  

Line Committees

The Electrical Contractors Association- Line (ECA- Line) is a newly recognized association that replaced ECAO' Standing Line Committee. ECA- Line is a committee approved by ECAO to deal with the business and affairs of ECAO's as such business and affairs are with the respect to members of ECAO who perform work pursuant to the Provincial Linework Agreement, also known as the Yellow Pages. ECA- Line member electrical contractors who perform work under the Yellow Pages. ECA- Line has an eight (8) member Board of Directors representing four (4) sectors:



Allan Kellet (Chair) Nick Gatien

Road/ Street/ Traffic

Ken Nepaul Namby Vithiananthan


Dan Lancia (Vice- Chair) Chuck Mossman

Renewable Energy/ Other

Peter Calabrese Terry Moore


ECA- Line has the following members:


Allan Kellet (Chair) Larry Tricinci
Dan Lancia (Vice-Chair) Frank Heerkens
Nick Gatien Chris Cimek
Allana Jamieson Terry Moore
Ken Nepaul Peter Calabrese
Shannon Kemp Chris Manielly
Namby Vithiananthan Jordan Kellet
Shahriar Ghiasi Chuck Mossman


The Provincial Joint Line Committee (PJLC) is comprised of representatives of IBEW Local 353, Local 1687, IBEW/CCO and the Line Committee. The PJLC has the power to deal with disputes, interpretations, industry promotion, and all such matters at the Provincial level.


IBEW Reps.

ETBA Reps.

Mark Cherney (Chair) Allan Kellett (Chair)
James Barry Roch Picknell
Lee Caprio Ken Nepaul
Kevin Gaudaur Dan Lancia
Frank Harris  
Jason Kish  
Travis Merrett  
Derek Harvey  
Michelle Esposito  

Communication Committees

ECAO has a Communications Committee that consists of ECAO member contractors who work under the Green Pages of the Principal Agreement.


Tom Beros (Chair) Angelo Di Prospero
Benjamin van de Putte Peter Rogers
Jon Apperley Jonathan Mateer
Steve Goudie Karyn Sundell
Joe Beaty Carlo Maola
Rob Stevenson Mike Shaw
Blair Morosnick Nick Mammoliti
Steve Watson  


ECAO and IBEW have a Provincial Joint Communications Committee that meets to discuss issues and opportunities in the Communications sector.


Tom Beros (Co-Chair) Mark Cherney
Rob Stephenson James Barry
Steve Watson Lee Caprio
Roch Picknell Michelle Esposito
John Gibson Braydon Potter


Future Leader Advisory Council (FLAC)



The Committee consists of individuals from the ECAO member organizations, who volunteer their time, expertise and motivation to the Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC) Mission. The members work together as ambassadors of the young ECAO membership, discussing up-to-date industry practices, trends and experiences, while developing professional and social opportunities to share information, networking, continued education and community service.




The Mission of the Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC) is to develop an informal communication network among electrical construction industry future professionals up to 40 years of age, in order to:
• Promote networking relationships within the electrical construction industry.
• Develop a forum to establish industry contacts and business leads.
• Provide information and industry activities and opportunities that will enhance and profit the individual and their respective organization.
• Provide an opportunity for member organizations to invest in their employee’s development through professional education and industry exposure.
• Develop leadership skills and be considered for future ECAO Committee positions.
• Acting in the full scope as an Ambassador of the ECAO.


ECAO(FLAC) Committee Handbook


ECAO(FLAC) Supervisor Acknowledgement Form


ECAO(FLAC) Application Form

ECAO Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

We are thrilled to announce our new ECAO Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. The main purpose of this Committee is to advise, educate, and provide resources to ECAO members. We want to encourage them to apply a diversity and inclusion lens to their policies, programs, and practices. Our vision is to Seek Diversity, Create Inclusion and Drive Accountability.


Committee members must be an ECAO member or member representative who understands the impacts of racism and systemic discrimination on marginalized people and meet the following general qualifications:


- have demonstrated knowledge around diversity, equity, and inclusion

- be able to build meaningful relationships and connections within the industry


If you are interested in joining this Committee and meet the above-noted criteria, please complete the Application Form and send it to kahluwalia@ecao.org.


2021-2022 Committee Members


Ken Nepaul (Co-Chair) Guild Electric Limited
Lena Singh (Co-Chair) Symtech Innovations Ltd.
Anthony Tofano (ECAO Board) TJI Multi-Trade Contractors Ltd.
Matt Hill Modern Niagara
Gavin Trehwan Modern Niagara
Merertu Mogga Frissa Electricity Human Resources Canada
Kamakshi Ahluwalia Marketing & Social Media Administrator
Jodi Travers Labour Relations Manager
Graeme Aitken Executive Director