We are THRILLED to announce that ECAO has been approved as a WSIB Excellence Program Provider.

The WSIB Excellence Program is a program to help employers build an effective safety program resulting in reduced premiums, rebates, and recognition as a safe company.

We want our members to not only be the safest companies in the province but also receive the maximum possible benefits the program has to offer.


Why should you join the program?

In addition to reducing incidents and premiums, you can benefit from the program by:

  • - Positively impacting the safety culture within your company by implementing a health and safety program that was created by management, supervision, and workers together
  • - Rebates on premiums by improving your safety experience (less incidents = smaller premiums)
  • - Recognition to show employees, customers, and investors your commitment to health and safety. Clients want to know you will ensure safety is maintained on their sites.
  • - Safer companies are much more attractive to clients as well as attract the best talent.
  • - Opportunities to network and share best practices with other like-minded businesses
  • - Access to resources and experience through relationships with dedicated and competent staff
  • - Pandemic readiness materials, to help businesses meet the challenges of operating safely during a pandemic


How does the program work?

The program has three (3) levels – foundations, intermediate and advanced. There are 36 topics spread across the three levels.














Essential topics to start building your health and safety program. 

Topics include:

  • - Leadership & Commitment
  • - Health and safety responsibilities
  • - Health & Safety Communication
  • - Health & Safety Participation
  • - Recognition of Hazards
  • - Risk Assessment
  • - Control of Hazards
  • - Injury, Illness & Incident Reporting
  • - Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • - First Aid



Topics to build and customize your health and safety program or management system.

Topics include:

  • - Competency
  • - Health & Safety Training
  • - Health & Safety Accountabilities
  • - Emergency Prevention and Preparedness
  • - Emergency Response
  • - Return-to-Work Program Requirements, Forms & Tools
  • - Return to Work Roles and Responsibilities
  • - Accommodation & Return-to-Work Plans
  • - Pre-Use Inspections
  • - Preventative Maintenance
  • - Control of Documents
  • - Control of Records
  • - Contractor Management Program
  • - Workplace Health & Promotion
  • - Health & Safety Objectives
  • - Corrective Action



Topics to integrate and optimize your health and safety management system.

Topics include:

  • - Change Management & Procurement
  • - Monitoring, Measurement & Analysis
  • - Review Health & Safety Trends
  • - Internal Audit
  • - Management Review
  • - Health & Safety Continual Improvement Planning
  • - External Audit
  • - Networking & Peer Learning
  • - Corporate Social Responsibility



Once you’ve completed your health and safety topics, it’s time to submit evidence of your work so you can earn rebates and other recognition. ECAO will help you prepare for the validation process. Our health and safety experts will review and validate your submission. 

We may select a business for an onsite validation to ensure that specific health and safety topics are part of your workplace culture. This is not an audit of your entire health and safety program – it is an opportunity to receive feedback from our health and safety experts, identify best practices and get recommendations for improvement.



Aside from the financial rebate, you can also receive recognition badges to use on your website, email signature and advertisements, to show others your commitment to workplace health and safety. Your badges will also show up on your business profile on WSIB’s website when people search for safety stats.


Stay tuned to our website for updates and further details.


Looking forward to building a safer industry with you.