Streamlining Licence Renewals: Launching the Five-Year Licence!

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is pleased to announce that on July 1, 2016, ESA will change the process for Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) and Master Electrician (ME) licence renewals and to make them more efficient and less paperwork for you and us.  We will also be introducing more options for payment and platforms for processing renewal; online, email, fax or phone.

ESA received overwhelmingly positive feedback on this change from the industry through a public consultation held earlier this year.  Thank you to members who participated. Consultation feedback, responses and more information on the Five-Year Licence Renewal are available at www.esasafe.com/consultations

This change will allow ESA staff to increase their focus on the audits, discipline, and enforcement of those individuals operating outside the licensing system.

Under the new process:

Each year, LECs and MEs must submit

                    - ESA Declaration of Compliance Form (signed statement indicating that all                                 documentation/requirements are valid)

                     -  Licence Fee

Every five years, LECs and MEs must submit:

-  ESA Renewal Form

-  Proof of all documentation and requirements

-   Licence Fee

Licensing fees will still be billed annually. 

The first group of licensees to become part of the five-year renewal process are those whose licenses are scheduled for renewal on July 1, 2016.  90 day reminders will start on April 1, 2016 for July 1, 2016 renewals. 

To ensure licensees are maintaining their requirements, all licensees will be subject to random audits.  ESA will also conduct audits based on complaints or concerns about compliance.

All licensees will receive personalized instructions with the relevant forms that are sent prior to their licence expiry date.   

If you have any questions, please contact ESA.Licensing@electricalsafety.on.ca  More information is also available at www.esasafe.com.