Effective January 8, 2016 all wiring fee items will increase by an average 1 per cent, after the adjustments below are taken into account:

•    All Service Reconnect fees will equalize at 2015 rate of $296 followed      by the 2016 1 per cent fee increase

•    All Miscellaneous fees will equalize at 2015 rate of $150 followed by          the 2016 1 per cent fee increase

•    Labour fee and Plan Review items increase by 1.75 per cent

•    An adjustment to the way fees are set for large New Residential Single      Family and New Apartment Buildings

Wiring fees cover the costs of processing of wiring permit, inspections of wiring work and enforcement of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, investigations of Code violations, Enforcement efforts against illegal work, maintaining and updating the Code to cover technological or marketplace changes, and public awareness efforts regarding safe electrical work, among other related activities.

Earlier this year, ESA consulted on these changes with stakeholders via its advisory councils and through an open call for comment. Detailed information on the changes above and the consultation process can be found here.

For further information please contact Farrah Bourre | Manager, Stakeholder Relations & Research | Electrical Safety Authority | Tel: 905-712-5668 | farrah.bourre@electricalsafety.on.ca