Calling on Everyone in the Construction Industry - Show Your Support for Bill 69, the Prompt Payment Act

There is no legitimate reason why those who work in the construction industry are forced to wait long periods of time before getting paid for work that has been completed without any dispute.   This practice would not be tolerated in any other sector.  We have been lobbying and are still waiting for the Ontario government to move Bill 69 – The Prompt Payment Act through the committee process and bring it back for 3rd reading.   Everyone deserves to be paid on time for work that is completed and approved – and it does affect everyone in the construction chain.  We need to show the government how important this is and how many individuals it affects.

To show your support for Bill 69, the Prompt Payment Act 2013, I’m asking you to do two simple things:
1.       Please click on the link below.  It will take you to an electronic petition.  Please complete the petition and submit it by clicking the green “sign” button

2.       We are hoping to collect more than 50,000 submissions of support.  This will show the decision makers at Queen’s Park the breadth and depth of support for prompt payment legislation that exists in our construction industry.  Please forward this message to everyone you know who works in the construction industry, contractor or worker.

Let’s do everything we can to make sure the hard working people in the construction industry are paid on a timely basis for work completed.   Many thanks for your support.  It is greatly appreciated.