January 2014 Wiring Fee Increases

As you will recall, last year ESA consulted with its Advisory Councils and other stakeholders regarding proposed fee changes for two years: 2013 and 2014.  As a result of this consultation process, wiring fees will increase an average 3% on January 7, 2014.  ESA will be sending out communications to Licensed Electrical Contractors and stakeholders in the next few days to remind them of the upcoming increase.


Wiring permit fees cover the direct and indirect costs of ESA’s obligations to enforce the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and enhance electrical safety in the province.  Revenue generated from wiring permits covers the costs of:

  •    Wiring inspection and enforcement
  •    Customer service administration -- including permit processing, inspection scheduling, Database management and account management, and record searches;
  •    Regulation and Code development and support
  •    Awareness and education; and
  •    Associated supporting corporate services



ESA recognizes that fee adjustments have real impact on stakeholders.  While we have made every effort to offset the impact of increasing business costs, we do need to make this adjustment to fees in order to cover our costs.


Copies of the materials from the consultation process including feedback received can be found on our website www.esasafe.com.  Should you have any questions about the upcoming fee increase, please feel free to contact Farrah Bourre.


Farrah Bourre

Manager, Communications & Stakeholder Relations

Electrical Safety Authority

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