Greater Toronto ECA - Now an ELECTRI Champion

The Greater Toronto Electrical Contractors Association has added $100,000 to its commitment to ELECTRI International. This brings the Toronto ECA to a total of US$200,000 at the Champion level of the ELECTRI Council.


The new funds will be used exclusively to support ELECTRI's research agenda for the electrical construction industry. When notifying ELECTRI of the Association's decision to increase its support, Robert O'Donnell, Executive Vice President, noted, "The key to our decision is the quality of ELECTRI's research. So many of the investigative findings and recommendations are applicable to our contractors' day-to-day work."


Toronto represents one of the largest ECAs in Canada, serving more than 300 contractors based Toronto, Ontario, and its suburbs. The Association's ELECTRI representative, Paul Sheridan (Plan Group, North York, Ontario) has been actively involved with ELECTRI International for several years. His interest in helping contractors to improve their operations and their bottom line is well-known among his peers. Speaking with colleagues about the additional gift to ELECTRI, Sheridan recently commented, "It is imperative that we as an industry continue to educate and re-educate ourselves. ELECTRI provides us with a common resource to develop the necessary educational tools."


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