Ministry of Energy Regulatory Amendment - Maintenance and Repairs on Street Lights

The Minister of Energy is currently considering a regulatory amendment that would, if passed, allow licensed electricity distributors (utilities) to undertake maintenance and repairs on street lights.  Currently, the Ontario Energy Board Act restricts licensed utilities from directly undertaking most business activities, including activities related to street lighting and sentinel lighting. This proposed amendment would expand the scope of business activities that utilities could undertake.  Both LDC affiliates and independent third party contractors would still be able to bid for and undertake this work. It would also not affect the flexibility and choice of municipalities to directly undertake this work.


The Ministry of Energy has posted the following link to its proposal and instructions for participating in the consultation process:


The consultation is now underway and will be open for a 45 day public review and comment period starting July 02, 2013 and ending August 16, 2013.