Workers Compensation: Navigating the New WSIB Appeals System (Webcast)

Workers Compensation: Navigating the New WSIB Appeals System (Webcast)

Mar. 1, 2013

Toronto Online


On February 1, 2013, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) will introduce its new appeals system.

This will affect all new appeals of WSIB operating level decisions as well as cases in the current backlog. There will

be new forms and requirements. The OBA Workers’ Compensation Section has worked with WSIB to put together

a timely and practical session to help employer and worker practitioners understand the changes and work effectively for

their clients in the new system. The session will be during the lunch hour by webinar, which will enable participation by

advocates right across Ontario, including submission of questions to the presenters.

This includes:

• How to ensure that your clients meet the statutory time limits for appeals

• Understanding that the WSIB will not be changing its current approach to “downside risk” for appellants

• What you need to do to demonstrate appeal readiness

• The new forms and how to complete them

• Understanding the new guidelines on eligibility for oral versus written hearings

• How to have your appeal reconsidered at the operating level

• What timelines will apply throughout the appeals process

• Opportunities to speed the process through agreements with opposing counsel


Slavica Todorovic, Executive Director, WSIB Appeals Services Division

Karen Wuori, Manager, WSIB Appeals Services Division

Michael Zacks, Director, Office of the Employer Adviser

Alec Farquhar, Director, Office of the Worker Adviser



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