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October 2012

2-Minute News

  • Safety talk: Welding—Inhalation hazards
  • WSIB mandatory coverage coming
  • SCIP training in Northern Ontario
  • How IHSA can help you: Free seminars available
  • IHSA product spotlight: Supervisor Log Book
  • IHSA.ca Magazine now available online

Safety talk: Welding—Inhalation hazards

Welding releases toxic fumes, gases, and vapours into the air. Breathing in these contaminants can make you sick if you don’t take steps to protect yourself. Read IHSA's Safety Talk on

Welding—Inhalation hazards.

WSIB mandatory coverage coming

A significant change is coming to the construction industry. It’s a change that should help educate workers and employers on health and safety issues and reduce occupational injury and illness. The change is Bill 119.

Bill 119—Mandatory Coverage in Construction—will officially come into effect on January 1, 2013. By that time, independent operators, sole proprietors, some partners in a partnership, and some executive officers who work in construction must be registered with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). If your company usually hires independent operators as subcontractors, you will have to start getting clearance certificates from each of them.

Click here for additional details. 

SCIP training in Northern Ontario

SCIP is a health and safety incentive program for small business that can show you how to reduce your WSIB costs, increase productivity, meet health and safety legislative requirements, and keep your workers safe.

During October and November, IHSA is partnering with the WSIB to offer a series of four complimentary SCIP training sessions in various locations across Northern Ontario.

Upon completion of the program requirements and attendance at all four sessions, you can receive a one-time five per cent rebate on your WSIB contributions. For more information, including dates and locations, download the brochure or visit our SCIP web page.

How IHSA can help you: Free seminars still available

IHSA will be offering free information seminars throughout Ontario aimed at introducing owners, employers, contractors, and supervisors to the variety of training programs, products, and services available to them through their IHSA membership. We offer many of our services to members at no charge. Allow us to demonstrate how IHSA can help ensure your employees remain safe and your valuable business remains profitable. For more information, download the seminar brochure.

IHSA product spotlight: Supervisor Log Book

IHSA has developed a Supervisor Log Book (RF008). This hardcover book contains 240 pages of daily logs and health and safety-related resources. 

In addition, we have set up a log book web page with links to pdfs of the health and safety resource documents included in the book. This web page can also be accessed by scanning the QR codes on the resource document pages with a smart phone. To order the new Supervisor Log Book, click here.

IHSA.ca Magazine now available online

The Fall edition of IHSA.ca Magazine is now available. You can download the entire magazine or the individual articles listed below.

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Welding-Inhalation hazards