Electrical Safety Authority Issues 2012 Ontario Electrical Safety Code (25th Edition)

Launch of the 2012 Ontario Electrical Safety Code Coincides with National Electrical Safety Month


MISSISSAUGA, ON, May 1, 2012 /CNW/ - The introduction of National Electrical Safety Month will start with new requirements for safe electrical installations coinciding with a May 1 effective date for the 2012 edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.


The Electrical Safety Authority is reminding homeowners and business owners that the OESC defines the requirements that must be met for electrical installations in the province. This covers electrical work associated with new installations, renovations and electrical maintenance work. Among the many changes to the 2012 Edition are new and updated sections on renewable energy installations and home-based vehicle charging stations for electric vehicles.


Comprised of the Canadian Electrical Code and several Ontario amendments, this Edition addresses changes required to support advancements in green energy technology, reinforces harmonization with other jurisdictions, and responds to electrical incident data to protect workers and the public. Ted Olechna, Director of Codes & Standards and Chief Engineer at the Electrical Safety Authority says, "The 2012 OESC reflects insights from technical reviews, incident data, and feedback from stakeholders to identify changes integral to ensuring safe electrical installation in Ontario."


Electrical installations must meet the OESC requirements that are in effect at the time, and include the requirement to arrange for an application for inspection for new or modified electrical installations. If you are considering undertaking electrical work you can access information on inspection requirements, and an on-line Frequently Asked Questions database of OESC specifications by installation type, at www.esasafe.com.


If you are uncertain about your home's electrical system the Electrical Safety Authority advises you contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to protect you and your home, and to ensure electrical work meets OESC requirements. Visit www.pluginsafely.ca for a list of Licensed Electrical Contractors in your area.

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