Re-certification of CFAE & CFAA Fire Alarm Programs - Fall 2012





            The OFM has decided to re-certify both the CFAE and CFAA Fire Alarm Programs. The main reasons given for this re-certification were the amount of time passed since the previous certification and that recently the OFM has run into numerous instances where people with expired credentials are continuing to present these expired credentials to customers and local building authorities as proof of competency when performing fire alarm work.


            Under the OFM's current timetable the CFAE re-certification is scheduled to take place in the fall of 2012. If your CFAE credentials are expired or about to expire or you are an RFAC who has CFAE's in his employ, we strongly advise you to get in touch with ECAO and find out your update options now. We do not know at this time, how the OFM is going to deal with CFAE's who have expired credentials in the re-certification process.


            Our new “ON-LINE UPDATE PROGRAM” is just about ready to go and should be available very shortly. Please contact ECAO for more information.


            In conjunction with this re-certification, the CFAE Program is going to increase its branding efforts to make public and private property management and local building authorities more aware of our program and its capabilities.


For more information, please contact:

Susan Boorman  416-675-3226 extension 316