Seminar and Workshop 'DEHN stops Surges'

This is a HALF or FULL day Seminar & Workshop. Attending one of
our Seminar & Workshops are
FREE and is your opportunity to
learn more about Lightning and Surge currents / waveforms, what
they are, how they come into existence, protection guidelines,
installation code, standards, case studies and practice. In Seminar
& Workshops, we pass on our experience of several decades to our
customers. Our next Seminar & Workshop 'DEHN stops Surges' will
be held in several locations across Canada at
NO cost to you.
Download the Registration Form by clicking on the locations below.

- Lightning, one aspect of Power Quality
- Nature and Electrical Characteristics of Lightning
- Industry Standards; differentiation between 10/350 and 8/20
test wave shapes
- Lightning Protection Zone Concept
- Basics of External Lightning Protection
- Technologies and Characteristics of Lightning- and Surge
Protection Devices
- Examples of Lightning- and Surge Protection Devices for AC
applications and Instrumentation / Signals
- Energy coordination & Preventive Maintenance
- Case Studies
- Installation Practice which helps to ensure your success

Schedule and Registration Forms:

- Toronto / GTA:
March 28, 2012 (morning session)

- London: April 18, 2012 (morning session)

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