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Become an Electrician

A Career as an electrician... Think about it!


Become an ElectricianDo you want a career that is challenging, secure and financially rewarding, and involves working with people in a variety of settings? Then why not join the growing number of men and women already working as electricians.


If you have a high school education and the ability to work with your hands, this could be the career for you. Apprentices get paid while learning a highly skilled trade. It's a field which opens the door to many opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become an Electrician?
In order to become a licensed electrician in the Province on Ontario you must first complete an electrical apprenticeship.


What if I already had an Electrical License from another Country?
An individual would have to become certified with the Province of Ontario by successfully challenging the Certificate of Qualification exam. For more information on this process please contact the Ministry of Colleges and Universities at their website www.edu.gov.on.ca.


What Education is required to become an electrical apprentice?
Under the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act the minimum education required is a completed grade 10. However, in the unionized sector of the electrical industry most programs require grade 12 with Math, English and Physics.


Is there an age restriction for electrical apprenticeship?
There are no age restrictions for electrical apprenticeship.


How long is an electrical apprenticeship?
Under the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act an electrical apprenticeship is 9000 hours (approximately five years). However, some union programs will require a pre apprenticeship program be completed before acceptance into the apprenticeship.


Can I receive any credit hours for completed education?
Some programs do reduce the contract of apprenticeship in recognition for high school credits and in some cases for post secondary education courses. These are reviewed on an individual case by case basis.


What type of work does an electrician do?
There are several fields in which an electrician might work provided they have the appropriate certification:


  • ICI Sector - Work in this sector is Industrial, Commercial and Institutional.  This is referred to as a Construction and Maintenance Electrician.
  • Low Rise Residential Sector - This sector is restricted to housing excluding high rise residential buildings.
  • Lineworkers - This sector is restricted to the high voltage and the utility sectors.


How can I apply to become an electrical apprentice?
Refer to the list below of Local Apprenticeship Committees in your area.


Additional websites to visit for more information on the career of Electrician are at:



Check out the local apprenticeship council in your area


Central Ontario
Tel: (519) 742-8319
Fax: (519) 742-0583
Contact: Diane Sutton
Email: dsutton@ibew804.ca
Website: www.ibew804.ca
Greater Toronto
Tel: (905) 882-6484
Fax: (905) 882-9757
Contact: Joint Apprenticeship Council
Website: www.electricalapprenticeship.ca
Tel: (905) 522-1070
Fax: (905) 572-9166
Contact: Denise Stokes
Email: ecah@on.aibn.com
Tel: (519) 652-2929
Contact: IBEW, Local Union 120
Website: www.ibew120.ca
Niagara Peninsula
Tel: (905) 688-0376
Fax: (905) 688-5723
Contact: Sue Phillips
Email: ecaniagara@bellnet.ca
Northern Ontario
Tel:(705) 254-1315
Fax: (705) 254-5601
Contact: Ken Hewett
Tel: (613) 238-1124
Fax: (613) 238-8194
Contact: Randy Prot
Email: randy@ecaottawa.org
Website: www.ecaottawa.org
Quinte-St. Lawrence
Tel: (613) 541-0633
Fax: (613) 541-0863
Contact: Jeff Green
Email: greenj@bellnet.ca
Website: www.electricalcontract.com
Tel: (519) 344-4154
Fax: (519) 344-9068
Contact: IBEW Local Union 530
Website: http://ibewcco.org
Thunder Bay
Tel: (807) 623-4174
Fax: (807) 623-4572
Contact: Karyn Sundell
Email: ecatb@tbaytel.net
Tel: (519) 974-3411
Fax: (519) 974-9923
Contact: Jim Kennedy
Email: jkennedy@meshgroup.ca
Website: www.weca.ca


Career Opportunities in the Electrical Industry


If you are thinking about the career of Electrician, you might want to take your thoughts one step further and consider your career goals options once you have become a certified Journeyman Electrician. The Certificate of Qualification is the first step to continuous learning in the trade. There are many career opportunities available to an individual in the electrical industry through continuing education and training programs. Some of these careers opportunities are:


  • Foreman
  • Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Electrical Contractor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Technician/Technologist
  • Safety Inspector
  • Instructor


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