Board of Directors

Name District Company
Mark Lloyd Director-at-Large (President) T. Lloyd Electric Limited
Dan Lancia Director-at-Large (Past President) Holaco Installations Inc.
Brad Walker Director-at-Large (1st Vice President) Laframboise Mechanical-Electrical Ltd.
Ken Crawford Director-at-Large (2nd Vice President) C & M Electrical Ltd.
Doug Dinniwell Director-at-Large (Treasurer) Western Mechanical Electrical Millwright Services Ltd.
Chris Cimek Director-at-Large (ETBA chair) E. S. Fox Ltd.
Joseph Kurpe Director - Hamilton J & L Electrical Contractors Ltd.
Rob Boisvert Director - Quinte-St. Lawrence Industrial Electric Contractors Ltd.
Gary Rossol Director - London Al Gordon Electric Ltd.
Mike Leone Director - Niagara Peninsula Procon Niagara
Ove Bakmand Director - Greater Toronto Net Electric Ltd.
Kevin Martineau Director - Greater Toronto Plan Group
Tim Birnie Director - Greater Toronto Birnie Electric
Rick Ball Director - Thunder Bay White Pine Electric Ltd.
Gregg Mellon Director - Sarnia Mellon Inc.
Roch Picknell Director - Ottawa Wired Synergy Inc.
John Salvatore Director - Windsor Mid South Electrical Contractors
Terry Moore Director - Central Ontario Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.
Tim Scott Director - Northern Ontario Ontario Electrical Construction Co. Ltd.
Robert Ritzmann Director - Line Committee  Alltrade Industrial
Mark Quinn Director - Communications Committee  Engie

Standard Practices


As a resource to the Directors, Staff and Membership, the committee will address the relevant standard practices issues affecting the electrical contracting community in tendering, construction contracts, changes in the work and any other legal/commercial matter which may impact on the ability of an electrical contractor to be paid in full and on a timely basis.

The Committee will promote education to, and, on direction of the ECAO Board, intervene on behalf of its members in areas relating to Standard Contracts, Payment Legislation, Construction Site Practices, and any other standard practice which affects the contractors’ right to be treated fairly.

The Committee will promote the use of existing standard documents, guidelines and best practices to ECAO members, their construction clients and owner representatives.

The Committee will engage in government relations activities to improve construction law for the betterment of the ECAO membership.

The Committee will do these things on behalf of the ECAO in its own right or in coalition with related trade groups with similar objectives and interests.


Standard Practices

ECAO is working with the Council of Ontario Construction Association’s (COCA’s) construction lien act committee to develop amendments which will, among other things, ensure that the Construction Lien Act covers industrial process work.

The committee gets involved in other standard practices issues as well, including combating reverse auction tendering, promotion of bid depository to the provincial government and maintaining relations with Infrastructure Ontario.

ECAO makes the payment issue a priority and assigns the responsibility for education, research and policy development to the Standard Practices Committee


Practices & Policies

ECAO Statement of Policy Regarding Standard Practices

Standard Practices Committee

  • Ove Bakmand   Net Electric Limited

  • Dan Camilleri   Guild Electric Ltd.

  • Rob Kennaley   McLauchlin & Associates

  • Dan Lancia   Holaco Installations Limited (Chair)

  • Brian Watson   Robertson Bright Inc.

Codes and Standards

Codes & Standards

The Codes & Standards committee undertakes to develop the accepted definition of what makes a qualified electrical contractor and works with other stakeholders to develop standards of safe and professional electrical installations.


Electrical Contractor Registration Agency and Provincial Licensing

The original purpose of the Electrical Contractor Registration Agency of ECAO (ECRA) was to administer a provincial system of examining and registering master electricians and electrical contractors. On March 17, 2006, ECAO officially transferred ECRA to the Electrical Safety Authority, including all rights to the pre-exam course, logos and registrant data. Representatives from ECAO sit on the ECRA of ESA board. Other constituents of the board are from ESA, government, Ontario Electrical League and consumers.


ESA Relations

Maintaining relations with ESA is one of the more important roles of the Codes & Standards committee. The Codes & Standards committee supports ECAO representatives on a number of ESA committees and councils. The Contractor Advisory Council (CoAC) is comprised of thirteen industry representatives, including ECAO.

In addition to managing the relationship between ESA and the electrical contracting industry, the CoAC recruits contractor representatives to sit on various ESA committees including the Ontario Provincial Code committee, the Fee Restructuring committee and Appeals Tribunals.

As noted above, the ECAO also participates in both the ECRA Board and ECRA Master Examining Board.

Codes & Standards Committee

  • Garry Fitzpatrick   Fitzpatrick Electrical Contractor Inc.

  • Wayne Gatien   PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited

  • Dave Mason   D. J. Mason Electric Co. Ltd.

  • Dan Toppazini   Weinmann Electric Ltd.

Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency

Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency

The Electrical Trade Bargaining Agency (ETBA) is the exclusive bargaining agent representing ECAO contractors in their negotiations with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario (IBEW-CCO). The ETBA is made up of representatives from each of the area ECAs as well as one representative from the line contractors committee and the communications committee. The ETBA negotiates and administers the provincial agreement with the IBEW-CCO and represents the interests of unionized electrical contractors with government and various industry tribunals.


Electrical Trade Joint Board (ETJB)

During the term of the Principal Agreement, the ETBA participates in ongoing policy matters and grievance resolution in partnership with the IBEW-CCO through the ETJB under the guidance of the Independent Chair, Bernard Fishbein. The ETBA representatives on the ETJB are:

  • Chris Cimek
  • Terry Moore
  • Rick Ball
  • Ken Crawford
  • Dan Camilleri (Alternate)
  • Dan Lancia (Alternate)

Along with their IBEW counterparts, these members are responsible for governance of all joint activities between the ETBA and IBEW-CCO.


Joint Electrical Promotion Plan (JEPP)

JEPP is a not-for-profit corporation directed jointly by the ETBA and the IBEW-CCO, whose objectives are to promote the unionized electrical contracting industry, to promote the superior quality and skills of unionized electricians, communication workers and contractors, and to develop leading edge management, technical and safety training programs.

ECAO representatives on the JEPP Board of Directors are:

  • Chris Cimek
  • Terry Moore
  • Dan Lancia
  • Kelly Burke
  • Rick Ball
  • Mark Conrad

JEPP continues to review different methods for marketing unionized electrical contractors. A program including help for contractors to promote themselves, high level image campaigns, community involvement, client relations and local area initiatives is being implemented.

The promotion plan also provides an excellent vehicle for joint political action on issues where the ECAO and IBEW share interests.

Area Representatives

  • Chair   Chris Cimek

  • Central Ontario   Terry Moore

  • Hamilton   Mark Lloyd

  • London   Guy MacMillan

  • Niagara Peninsula   Anthony Tofano

  • Northern Ontario   Kris Ferguson

  • Ottawa   Mark Conrad

  • Quinte-St. Lawrence   Brad Walker

  • Sarnia   Ken McCormack

  • Thunder Bay   Rick Ball

  • Toronto   Kelly Burke

  • Windsor   Whit Tucker

  • Communication Contractors' Committee   Mark Quinn

  • Line Contractors' Committee   Peter Calabrese


Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee is committed to providing training and information sessions to the ECAO membership.


Area Representatives

  • Fred Black   Adcoa Holding Inc. (Chair)

  • Darrell Petersen   Ferguson Electric Limited

  • Scott Kenyon   E. S. Fox Ltd.

  • Joe Kurpe   J & L Electrical Contractors

  • Glen Hicks   Alltrade Industrial

  • Kelly M. Burke   Ampere Limited

  • Shannon Kemp   Black and McDonald Limited


COCA Occupational Health & Safety Committee
COCA’s Occupational Health & Safety Committee is regularly attended by ECAO staff to discuss and have input on a variety of issues concerning health and safety within the construction industry.

Member Services

Member Advantage Program

The member services committee of ECAO uses the collective purchasing power of the entire membership in order to obtain products and services at discount rates which would not ordinarily be available to individual companies. ECAO has teamed up with key providers to the electrical industry to help members save on items and services they use every day through negotiated price reductions and value-added packages. These benefits of membership are only available to current members of ECAO.



In order to keep the array of services up to date and of high quality, the member services committee regularly surveys the members' opinions with respect to the quality of existing products and services and the need for new or additional lines.


Affiliate Partner Executive Council

The purpose of the Affiliate Partner Executive Council is to organize and promote the activities of those persons, firms, and corporations who are directly or indirectly involved with the electrical contracting industry; to promote better relations between electrical contractors and those who provide support services to the contractors; and, to promote high professional standards for the conducting of business to the betterment of the industry and the consumer. Affiliate Partners receive the highest priority for networking opportunities with the membership and are listed prominently on the ECAO website.

In addition to the Member Services Committee members, the Affiliate Partner Executive Council is comprised of representatives from the following five categories of associate membership:

  • Inspection or Certification Agency
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor/Supplier
  • Consultant/Soft Services Supplier
  • Other

The Affiliate Partner Executive Council is involved in planning tradeshows which provides ECAO members with valuable resource information and an opportunity for education and networking with their industry partners. The Affiliate Partner Executive Council is also involved in planning the annual ECAO Calendar providing an informative and relevant planning tool for electrical contractors.

Member Services Committee

  • Joe Kurpe   J & L Electrical Contractors Ltd. (Chair)

  • Anthony Tofano   Procon Niagara

  • Stacey Anderson   Toban Electric Inc.

  • Gregg Mellon   Mellon Inc.

  • Jim Thomas   Sutherland-Schultz Ltd.

Affiliate Partner Executive Council

  • Mauro Di Tullio   Federated Insurance

  • Jennifer Mei-Fisher   Ground Inc.

  • David Barnes   General Cable

  • Anthony Tofano   Procon Niagara

  • Joe Kurpe (Chair)   J & L Electrical Contractors Ltd.

  • Wayne Candy   Mobilizz Inc.

  • Dan Leduc   Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

  • Debbie DeCaire   Skipwith & Associates

  • Stacey Anderson   Toban Electric Inc.

Past Presidents

Dan Lancia 2013 - 2017
Jim Kellett 2011 – 2013
John Raepple 2009 – 2011
Fred Black 2007 – 2009
Brad Vollmer 2005 – 2007
Dave Mason 2003 – 2005
George Boals 2001 – 2003
Case Opdam 1999 – 2001
Garry Fitzpatrick 1997 – 1999
Ed Braithwaite 1995 – 1997
Wayne Gatien 1993 – 1995
Blythe McCleary 1991 – 1993
John E. Waugh 1989 – 1991
Rick W. Brodhurst 1987 – 1989
J. Z. Gus Varga 1985 – 1987
H. Charlie Norris 1983 – 1985
Jack A. Moncur 1981 – 1983
M. Mike Vukobrat 1979 – 1981
Douglas J. B. Wright 1977 – 1979
C. Arthur Wilson 1975 – 1977
James H. Wilson 1973 – 1975
Ross Sawle 1971 – 1973
Noel A. George 1969 – 1971
Mike T. Sharp 1968
James P. Wilson 1966 – 1968
William R. Roberts 1964 – 1966
Clayton Joice 1963 – 1964
H. John McDonald 1961 – 1963
E. Ted Dodington 1960 – 1961
J. Keith LeGault 1959 – 1960
Clare Dent 1958 – 1959
Osman Ellis 1957 – 1958
Clare Dent 1956 – 1957
Roland Demers 1955 – 1956
George Rysdale 1953 – 1955
Angus C. Fox 1951 – 1953
Gordon Behling 1950 – 1951
Alex McKinnon 1948 – 1950

Power and Utility Sector

Power & Utility Sector

The Power & Utility Sector committee is responsible for representing the interests of the outside contractors in all matters including labour relations with the IBEW, regulatory affairs at the Ontario Energy Board, and manpower training and safety.


Contractor Licensing

Electrical contractor licensing has affected the line contractors where there is an overlap of their work jurisdictions. The original regulation did not take this into account and as a result left line contractors without an avenue to become licensed. To resolve the problem, ECAO requested ECRA of ESA to grant provisional licenses to line contractors in these circumstances and to develop a licensing program specific to line contractors prior to the expiry of the provisional licenses.


Collective Bargaining

Through the Provincial Joint Line Committee, the ETBA negotiates new terms and conditions applicable to the Section 17 and the Linework Agreement for Work Outside the ICI Sector. Some items that are unique to this sector include special room, board and travel conditions and a tuition fund for apprentices attending trade school.


Inside/Outside Jurisdiction

The PJLC has made the commitment to resolve the ongoing jurisdiction issues between inside wiremen and powerline technicians. This commitment was formalized in 2007 negotiations with the adoption of a process for resolving current and future disputes which involves adjudication by the IBEW International Vice President.


Provincial Advisory Committee & Trades Training

Industry representatives continue to lobby the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities through the PAC to make the trade of Powerline Technician (434A) a compulsory trade. Compulsory certification will attract and retain more apprentices into the trade.

Another means of manpower development has been for the PJLC to develop a marketing/partnership package aimed at groups such as LDCs including Hydro One and large ICI end users to name a few. It is planned that promotion of ECAO/IBEW Line Contractors in the form of a partnering proposal will encourage outsourcing of more work. By encouraging contracting out, contractors will be able to train more workers to staff the contractor and utility industry.


Power Line Technician Diploma Program - Cambrian College

Cambrian College in partnership with IHSA is delivering a college-administered course for a Power Line Technician Diploma Program. This program will have the capacity to train 24 students per semester. IHSA is participating in this program by delivering the vestibule training for 1st and 2nd semester line training. ECAO is on the management board of the program.


Regulatory Affairs

The ECAO has been active at the Ontario Energy Board and the Ministry of Energy ensuring that utilities abide by the various codes such as the affiliate relationships code (ARC). These codes are supposed to enforce fair competition but are frequently under attack or are skirted by many utilities.



  • Utilities Tendering Guide

Power/Utility Sector Committee

  • Peter Calabrese   (Chair)

  • Bob Ritzmann   Alltrade

  • Nick Gatien   PowerTel Utilities Contractors Limited

  • Ken Nepaul   Guild Electric

  • Shahriar Ghiasi   Powerline Plus Ltd.

  • Dan Lancia   Holaco Installations Limited

  • Allan Kellett   K-Line Group of Companies

  • Allana Kellett-Jamieson   K-Line Group of Companies

  • Plus members of the ECAO Board and ETBA, as required.


ECAO Scholarship  

ECAO’s Scholarship Program, which began in 2005, is open to children of ECAO members or employees enrolled in a post-secondary institution. Preference is given to those entering into a field of study related to the construction industry. Winners are posted on the Member Recognition page of the ECAO website. There are two scholarships awarded every year.


Scholarship Committee

  • Jack Gibson   Aecon Industrial

  • Gary Lehman   G.W. Lehman & Associates 

  • Kelly M. Burke   Ampere Limited

  • Fred Black   Adcoa Holding Inc
  • Ania Paliwoda   Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Jack Gibson   Aecon Industrial

  • Debra DeCaire   Skipwith & Associates

  • Kelly M. Burke   Ampere Limited


Douglas J.B. Wright Award  

The Douglas J. B. Wright Award in recognition of ECAO members or employees who have made a significant contribution to the electrical contracting industry. ECAO also recognizes those member companies with exemplary safety records through the R. H. Carroll Safety Awards. Winners of these industry awards are also posted on the Member Recognition page of the ECAO website.

ECAO DJB Wright Award Committee

  • Jack Gibson   Aecon Industrial

  • Dave Mason   D. J. Mason Electric Co. Ltd.

  • Scott Porter   Ontario Electrical Construction Co. Ltd.