VIDEO - Federal Prompt Payment Senate Hearing

On Feb. 8 a trio of ECAO representatives including; President Dan Lancia, past treasurer and long-time ECAO Board member, Bill McKee and Executive Director Jeff Koller appeared before the Senate  Standing Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce in Ottawa to speak to Bill S-224, federal prompt payment legislation and encourage its passing through the Senate. Representing not only the ECAO but also the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA) as part of the National Trade Contractors Association (NTCCC), the three men made a strong case for the implementation of federal prompt payment legislation including powerful personal testimony by Mr. McKee on how his business has been impacted by delayed payments. The Bill was put forward by Senator Donald Neil Plett.

ECAO representatives also met with various Senators, MPs and officials from Public Services and Procurement Canada to educate and inform them about the detrimental impact of delinquent payments on the construction industry and the economy. The series of meetings were productive and the message of the importance of prompt payment and its impact on businesses, the construction sector and the Canadian economy was delivered loud and clear.

Click here to view the senate hearing video.