A CERTI-FIRE electrician has successfully completed an intensive, four-level certification program acceptable to the Ontario Fire Marshal. It guarantees the expertise required to assess your needs, install the correct technology, and maintain and monitor your fire alarm system. It’s one-stop fire alarm security and peace of mind.

“ As a former electrical contractor with RFAC designation who employed Certi-Fire electricians, I can tell you it increased our firm's ability to obtain, perform and complete the fire alarm work."

Fred E.


Level 1: Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels and Installation of Input and                       Output Devices.

Level 2: Integrated Fire Alarm Control EVAC Systems and Fire Alarm                                    Extinguishing Control Panels

Level 3: Troubleshooting of Complete Fire Alarm Systems

Level 4: Advanced Fire Alarm control Panel: Addressable Digital and                                    Analogue Devices




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